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Nearly 40 MPs this week lent their backing to New Start’s Just Rewards campaign, signing an early day motion tabled by Labour MP Louise Ellman. Some 38 MPs had signed up their support for the motion when New Start went to press on Wednesday. It also calls on the government to make urgent changes to the benefit system, ‘so claimants are not penalised for community involvement’. Ms Ellman, Labour/Co-op MP for Liverpool Riverside and a former member of the Commons urban affairs sub-committee, told New Start: ‘I think it’s time that the work of community based people is recognised – too often local expertise is just taken for granted. She said the call to change the benefit rules wentwith the government’s policy of getting people off welfare into work.

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The government has made great efforts to move people from welfare into work and at the same time we should do all that’s possible to help all people on benefits to become fully involved in their communities. We welcome the campaign to make sure that local people’s contribution to regeneration projects is properly valued. Their time and insights are crucial to the success of many such projects, and the system should ensure that this is recognised financially. Detailed info here: Enact Settlement Agents Perth

High-ranking officials from the Department for Work and Pensions have been warned by government advisers that the benefits system is hindering attempts to engage local residents in regeneration initiatives. At a meeting due to take place in London today (Friday), the forum’s benefits working group was due to present a series of case studies that show how claimants are being penalised for receiving payment for their services to local communities.

The forum is concerned that such rules pose a barrier to the government’s efforts to ensure local people are at the helm of the regeneration process. While we would understand that it will take time to secure reforms in some areas, there are others in which reforms are long overdue. Rewards for participation in community activities, whether linked to regeneration or to other initiatives, feature in many of these stories and the resulting impact on benefits causes many people to consider giving up,’ the forum told New Start. Receiving £8,000 a year may not seem a just reward if it causes a glitch in your housing benefit that results in eviction.